Persona 5 Guide – Acquiring All Personas / 100% Persona Compendium / Mask Collector Trophy

Persona 5 has an abundance of 192 personas that can be acquired by the main character. Noticeable additions to previous SMT titles are the treasure demons. Here’s a little spoiler-free guide on how to collect them all.

Note: I don’t recommend grinding to lvl 99 on your first playthrough as you’ll become overpowered by the end of the game, plus you’ll need to max all confidants which is very difficult to do on your 1st playthrough unless you follow a very strict guide. Furthermore, one of the personas can only be fused on New Game+. I do recommend maxing Strength confidant as it will allow you to fuse a few high level personas to help you with the relatively difficult late-game dungeons.

  1. This Persona 5 fusion calculator is not 100% accurate but really helps, especially if you’re trying to unlock blank entries in your compendium.
  2. The persona compendium. Just fuse and unlock all the blank entries listed in the compendium. It wouldn’t be too hard, just acquire/capture/fuse as much personas as you normally can on your 1st playthrough. Use the fusion calculator to know which personas are on the blank entries.
  3. Ultimate Forms: maxing each confidant unlocks a powerful Persona that can only be acquired through fusion. They are not listed in the compendium and only appears if you fuse them. Some of them will be available through Advanced Fusion. Use the fusion calculator for the remaining.
    • Fool – Vishnu
    • Magician – Futsunushi
    • Priestess – Cybele
    • Empress – Mother Harlot
    • Emperor – Odin
    • Hierophant – Kohryu
    • Lovers – Ishtar
    • Chariot – Chi-You
    • Justice – Metatron
    • Hermit – Ongyo-ki
    • Fortune – Lakshmi
    • Strength – Zaou-Gongen
    • Hanged Man – Attis
    • Death – Alice
    • Temperance – Ardha
    • Devil – Beelzebub
    • Tower – Mada
    • Star – Lucifer
    • Moon – Sandalphon
    • Sun – Asura
    • Judgement – Satan
  4. Secret/Hidden Fusion. Some Personas other than those listed in Advanced Fusion requires two specific personas to fuse. They are Shiva, Alice (max Death), and Ardha (max Temperance).
  5. Treasure Demons: are new to the Persona and the SMT series and exclusive only to Persona 5 (for now). There are eight of them. They can’t be fused into and can only be acquired in palaces and mementos. You should be able to acquire most of them on your 1st playthrough except for the lvl 40 and 50 treasure demon. To be safe, after completing the 6th palace you can follow this strategy to acquire the remaining.
  6. The Ultimate Persona can only be acquired on New Game Plus after beating the game and getting the True Ending. It will be available through Advanced Fusion. Furthermore, it requires the Ultimate forms of Lovers, Judgement, Star, Justice, and Moon to make it possible to fuse it.
  7. Fusion Accidents. There’s a chance that a fusion accident occur so just to be safe and save money, make sure to save the game before fusing high level personas.
  8. DLC Personas does not count but can help you save money fusing high level personas.
  9. It’s recommended to play the game normally on your second playthrough until November and do this method to grind easy experience so that you’ll be able to fuse all the remaining high level personas that you need.

Some confidant abilities to prioritise to help acquire personas.

  • Star confidant on lvl 8 allows you to instantly escape battles. This is necessary when doing the Treasure demons strategy and fast experience strategy.
  • Moon confidant allows you to gain experience faster. Make sure you max it on your 1st playthrough as the ability is carried on to New Game+.
  • Magician confidant unlocks infiltration tools. Battle tools that helps you exploit enemy weaknesses and Treasure traps to make it easier to find Treasure Demons.
  • Sun confidant when maxed will not only make negotiations easier but will also allow you to acquire higher level personas through negotiation.
  • Star, Sun, and Fortune confidants has abilities that makes it easier to grind for cash.
  • Tower confidant has a few helpful abilities, on lvl 1 it allows you to learn Down Shot which automatically downs an enemy for negotiation. This is especially useful if you need to acquire a Treasure Demon.
  • Fortune confidant on lvl 7 will make it a little easier to level your confidants.
  • Hermit confidant has Position Hack ability, a chance to instantly Hold Up enemies for negotiation when starting a battle.
  • All your other team members’ confidant trees helps to retry shadow negotiations when they fail.

Feel free to comment for corrections or if there’s anything I missed.

Social links / confidants from Persona 3 to 5 pasted together.

Persona 5 is my new most favourite game of all time. I’ve played it almost non-stop for 2 weeks and reached the ending after roughly 125 hours yet I’m still not done and slowly working on a second playthrough – trying to max all confidants, completing the Persona compendium, and other trophies I missed. I might review it after I come up with a own rating criteria for games.

I thought I’d paste and combine together all the social links and confidants from Persona 3 + Portable, Persona 4 + Golden, and Persona 5, categorise them by arcana, combining arcanas under the same order such as Fool + Jester, Judgment + Aeon, then removing redundant links such as the groups, and here’s what I have.

And I realised something…

Possible major spoiler for those who haven’t finished playing all 3 games. Click at your own risk. »