Social links / confidants from Persona 3 to 5 pasted together.

Persona 5 is my new most favourite game of all time. I’ve played it almost non-stop for 2 weeks and reached the ending after roughly 125 hours yet I’m still not done and slowly working on a second playthrough – trying to max all confidants, completing the Persona compendium, and other trophies I missed. I might review it after I come up with a own rating criteria for games.

I thought I’d paste and combine together all the social links and confidants from Persona 3 + Portable, Persona 4 + Golden, and Persona 5, categorise them by arcana, combining arcanas under the same order such as Fool + Jester, Judgment + Aeon, then removing redundant links such as the groups, and here’s what I have.

And I realised something…

Possible major spoiler for those who haven’t finished playing all 3 games. Click at your own risk. »

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